Chat Rules

1. No spamming of any kind. (including Messages, Bot Commands, tagging, ext.).

Text Chat Rules__

1. No Saying Inappropriate/Bad Words

2. No Advertising/ DM Advertising.

Including Advertising Without links (ex. Follow My Twitter @BrightL_YT)

3. No Asking For Roles.

This Includes | Any Role. (You Can Ask If You Were Supposed To Get A Role.)

4. No Spamming.

This Includes | Text Walls, Spamming The Same Message, Spamming Bot Commands, Spam Server Members/Server Staff Dms, And Any Other Type Of Spam.

5. Don't Be Rude.

This Includes | Rude Jokes, Picking On A User ,And Any Other Way Of Being Rude.

6. Don't Impersonate Anyone.

This Includes | Saying Your A Admin, Says Your Someone Famous, Saying Your The Server Owner, And Any Other Way Of Impersonating.

7. No Posting Links.

This Includes | Discord Server Invites, YouTube Videos, And Other Links

This Includes Posting A Link That Isn't Clickable Like

8. No Any For Free Stuff.

This Includes | Minecoins, Vbucks, Robucks, Bitcoin, And Anything Else.

9. Don't Post Private Info.

This Includes | Info Of Other People, Phone Numbers, Emails, Address, IPs, And Any Other Private Info.

10. No Asking Me Or Staff To A Your Or Any Bot.

11. Don't Tag Users For No Reason.

12. Don't Post Post Way For Users To Pay You.

This Includes | PayPal Emails,Bitcoin And Other Crypto Address, Cashapp UserNames, And Any Other Way Of Paying.

Voice Chat Rule

1. No Yelling.

2. No Taping On You Mic.

I Will Ban You For This.

3. Follow All Text Chat Rules

Music Rules

1. No Inappropriate Songs.

2. Only Play Music Video.

3. Only Play Music If You Are In The Voice Channel.

4. Don't Skip Others Songs For No Reason.

5. Don't Play Music Longer Than 30 minutes.


By Using Bright Lightning's Discord Server You Agree To The Rules Above, The Rules May Be Changed At Any Time, If The Rules Are Changed You Will Be Pinged In This Channel.

If You Break The Rules You Will Be Muted, And Possibly Prematurely Banned.