How Can I Get My Server Added To #recommended-servers ?

You Can't Get Your Server Add To That List By Doing Anything, I Only Add Servers To That List That I Like

So don't dm to add you server, If you do I will mute or ban you.

How Do I Get "Temporary Role" Role?

The "Temporary Role" Role was a special Rank you could only get for being in the server "Bright Lightning's Temporary Server", which was my server wen, I was setting up this server.

If you don't have the role it is no longer givein out.

Can you give me free robucks or mine coins?

No Me Or Any Staff Will Not Give You Free Robucks.

If you do ask for free robucks or mine coins you will be muted or banned.

Why can't Post a image? / Why can't I upload files?

Uploading files has be disabled to prevent users from uploading files with viruses

Why can't I post a link?

To prevent Ip loggers, inappropriate content, viruses, advertising, scams and more

Why was I kicked form blds Support Server?

If you join blds support server and do not open a ticket with in 1 hour you will be kicked by a staff member

If you can't open a ticket make sure you have a verified email.

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